If you are looking for an original way to discover the vineyards of your region while tasting local wines this summer, our wine tours by bike are made for you! What better way to spend a sunny day than to combine sport and pleasure?

In this article, we will present you the secrets of our thematic tours. See you this summer to discover them!

  1. You will discover the vineyards as you have never seen them before: The wine tours by bike allow you to discover the vineyards in a different way. Indeed, while pedalling, you take the time to admire the landscape and appreciate the different grape varieties that grow there. Several stops are planned during the ride to allow you to fully admire the view. And we offer you the opportunity to visit the wine estates of our partner winegrowers, as well as their cellars and wineries. Exclusive places, sometimes closed to the general public, which will reveal all their secrets to you!
  2. A convivial moment: By sharing this activity with friends, your spouse, colleagues or family, you will spend a convivial and unforgettable moment. The tasting breaks and visits will be an opportunity to discover new food/wine combinations and to discuss your favourite wines. It will also be an opportunity to talk to local craftsmen and producers, who make our regions shine.
  3. A sporting activity: Our wine tours by bike allow you to combine sporting and leisure activities, ideal for exercising while enjoying nature. It’s an excellent way to stay in shape while learning the secrets of local producers, craftsmen and winegrowers. The electric assistance will allow you to join these workshops by pedaling, while limiting the physical effort to be provided. Our objective is not to register you for the Tour de France, but to make the most of your Wine and Ride experience!
  4. Respect for the environment: Cycling is an ecological and environmentally friendly means of transport. By choosing this activity, you participate in a slowtourism experience and contribute to the preservation of nature and wine landscapes. We recommend the use of water bottles rather than plastic bottles during your experience.

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