Are you organising an exceptional day out for the future groom or groomess of your entourage? Wine and Ride may be just the thing for you!

OFFER + 10 people* : We offer a free experience for the groom, as well as the wine during lunch (day package) ?


From April to July, bachelor parties are very popular and are becoming more and more original. Outdoor adventure, sports event, discovery workshop, well-being moment… all occasions are good ideas to celebrate the future groom.

With Wine and Ride, opt for a cultural, gastronomic and oenological outdoor experience.

We welcome groups of 10 to 20 people (or more for a tailor-made experience), who wish to live an original experience, mixing wine tasting, sweet and savoury food tasting and/or exploration of historical sites with hidden secrets…

With a Wine and Ride guide, set off on a (electrically assisted) bicycle tour of the wine routes and meet craftsmen who are passionate about their work, while tasting their creations.

For half a day or a whole day, we offer you a unique adventure, 30 minutes south of Lyon for the Condrieu site (France), and 20 minutes from Lausanne for the Rivaz site (Switzerland).

In the heart of the Lavaux region, you will discover the sublime wine terraces classified as UNESCO heritage sites, and the craftsmen who make them so rich.

In Condrieu, you will discover the hillsides of the Côte-Rôtie and the Pilat Rhodanien, which dominates the Rhône valley.

Organise a unique EVG/EVJF thanks to a mixed activity combining thrills, unforgettable encounters and an introduction to oenology.

Contact us to book your experience, and make this moment an unforgettable memory between friends!


*Offer valid on Wine and Ride Condrieu and Tain l’Hermitage destinations.